Woombie Grow With Me Swaddle – Saco de dormir para recién nacido de 5 etapas a 18 meses de 0 a 18 meses, diseño de…

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The Grow With Me Woombie is a swaddle + wearable blanket that covers your growing baby from 0-9 Mos with a BONUS extended length to reach up to 18 months! Features of Grow With Me Woombie: Converts from Swaddle to Sleeping Bag Covers all 5 Stages of Sleep Birth – 18 months Our signature bebeflex fabric for the perfect swaddling effect Baby Milestones – No Problem Allows for Growth Spurts ~ Rolling ~ Arms Free Transitioning Stage 1: Swaddle 0-3 Months/ 2.2 – 6 kg, For babies 50cm+ long, Fully Zipped Benefits: Stretchy Fabric, Ergonomic Design, Mimics Womb, Promotes Self Soothing Stage 2: Swaddle + 2-4 Months/ 5.5 – 7.25 kg, For babies 56cm+ long, Unzip 2/3 Way Benefits: «In-between» Size, Covers Growth Spurts, Unzip to bottom opposite corner Stage 3: Expanded Swaddle 3-6 Months/ 6 – 8.5 kg, For babies 60cm+ long, Fully Unzipped Benefits: Converts to new size, Excepcional Hip Space, Mimics the Womb, Prepares for new milestones Stage 4: Transitioning 6-9 Months/ 9 – 11.5 kg, For babies 60cm+ long, Arms Free Benefits: Arms free sleep, Easy transitioning, Excepcional length as needed, Promotes Self Soothing Stage 5: Sleeping Bag 9 – 18 Months/ 9+ kg, For babies 68cm – 84cm long, Fully Unzipped Benefits: Super length, Room to Grow, Promotes Self Soothing Please Note that the Happy Elephant is the Woombie Grow With Me Air design which has a Organic Mesh Lower allows increased airflow while swaddling during warm months