Schlummersack – Saco de dormir para niños (verano, 0,5 tog, 130 cm, 3-6 años), diseño de jirafa Precio: 38,87 (Fecha 27/07/2021 06:27 PST- Detalles)


Many toddlers struggle with the transition from a baby sleeping bag to a duvet/blanket. That’s why we have developed a sleeping bag for toddlers suitable from 3-6 years which keeps your child warm and comfortable without having to worry about kicked off blankets and broken nights.

You have a choice of four tog ratings. 0.5 tog summer sleeping bags are completely unpadded and for use in hot summer months and summer holidays, suitable for room temperatures above 24 degrees, 1.0 tog sleeping bags are slightly padded and for use in warmer rooms 19 to 24 degrees, 2.5 tog sleeping bags are padded and for inmaterial year-round use in rooms between 15-21 degrees and 3.5 tog winter sleeping bags are warmly padded and suitable for use in rooms below 18 degrees

All Slumbersac Sleeping bags are made from 100% Cotton and 100% Cotton lined. They perro be easily machine washed and tumble dried. Visit our Storefront to view all Slumbersac sleeping bag designs, different tog sizes and lots more.